About jOggPlayer

An open source platform independent Graphical Ogg Vorbis Player!

Developed using Java, so if your system has a Java2 VM you can use this app.

You can now listen to your Oggs using an app that is NOT bloated. In fact this app/let should be able to run on a web page after you set your java security permissions.

I programmed this because I wanted a Java Graphical Vorbis Ogg player. I did it for myself and thought I would share it with you. My first priority was to get something that worked and looked reasonable. There are still some outstanding issues that I want to fix or work on. Don't expect a WinAMP style playlist, Playlists take more effort than the actual player.

Please email me with comments. I don't guaranty that I will reply but I will read them and seriously consider making the changes.

tom gutwin


jOggPlayer provides the usual basics needed to enjoy your files:

    • plays files from your hard drive or

    • plays songs from a URL

    • plays streams from jRoar ogg streams (version >1.1 only)

    • (see http://www.jcraft.com/jorbis for some radio sites like BBC Radio 1, CBC, or Virgin Radio)

    • individual file play or multiple file looping play

    • sequential or random play

    • in applet volume control that goes to 11!

    • visual song progress indicator

    • playlist songs have a favourite selection box (version 1.1 only)

    • displays ogg file information comments in a mouse-over popup window (song name, artist etc.)

    • unlimited size playlist that can transparently include files and/or URLs

    • user selectable directory recursion on file load... just choose a dir from the load file dialog

    • can load a file, URL or a whole directory of files on start-up

    • can save and load your playlist to a file

    • can read your m3u playlist for ogg files

    • user selectable fonts, colours, and background textures

    • needs Java 1.2 or higher

    • It also will scrobble your songs to Last.fm!

    • works behind a proxy/firewall (see the starting documentation)

    • PLUS it sounds great!

It is FREE. Available under the GNU General Public License.

Please let me know if you like the app, if it works for you, and what improvements I can make.