There are a couple of ways to start jOggPlayer

  1. Webstart jOggPlayer

    1. Double click on the downloaded jOggPlayer.jar file.

      1. This works with "out of the box" with the windoze and Mac OS X Java VMs and UN*X and OS/2 if you have jar file associated with the java executable.

    2. Double Click / run one of the included jOggPlayer script files to customize the startup

      • Un*x/Linux - Shell and/or a joggplayer.desktop file

      • Windoze - Batch jOggPlayer.bat

      • Windoze NT - Batch jOggPlayer_Winnt.bat

      • Mac OS X - jOggPlayer.OSX.command or jOggPlayer.term

      • OS/2 - Batch jOggPlayer.cmd or jOggPlayerJava2.cmd

      • OS/2 Java 2 - jOggPlayerJava2.cmd that runs it using the Java13 VM if you have both 1.1.8 and 1.3 JVM it installed. See the comments in the java2.cmd and jOggPlayerJava2.cmd file

      1. They should run without modifications.

      2. These allow the added feature of letting *you* add commandline parameters; such as specifying some ogg files or URLs to load on startup, or a directory to search and recurse to load ALL ogg files.

    1. behind a firewall...

      • use the above script files and add the required information that I have outlined in the usage below.

      • (email me if you have problems)

    1. directly run it as specified in the usage below.


java -classpath "PATH_TO\jOggPlayer.jar" ca.bc.webarts.jOggPlayer [file location] OR java -jar .\jOggPlayer.jar [file location] where [file location] can be: a filename a URL to a ogg file a directory name to recurse for ogg files


If you are behind a firewall and need to get access to files outside the proxy you have to set some environment vars before you run the jOggPlayer:


set proxyPort=8080

set noProxy=*

set proxySet=true

OR on the commandline


java -DproxySet=true -DproxyHost=YourProxyServerHostname -DproxyPort=YourProxyServerPort -DnonProxyHosts=CommaSeperatedlistOfNonProxiedSites ca.bc.webarts.jOggPlayer [file/URL location]

Auto Updating Version (only in 1.1 release)

This feature is deprecated... Use the Java WebStart to accomplish the same thing.

This version will automatically check if there is a newer version of the code (Jar file) on this server and download it.

If there isn't a newer version, it uses the already downloaded one on your computer.

Simply unzip the AutoUpdating zip file into your jOggPlayer directory and run

java -jar AutoUpdatingJOggPlayer.jar

or if you are behind a FIREWALL

java -DproxySet=true -DproxyHost=YourProxyServerHostname -DproxyPort=YourProxyServerPort -jar AutoUpdatingJOggPlayer.jar